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Service Description

Manual techniques include mobilization of bones, joints & nerves, manipulation of fascia, nerves, muscles and joints, taping (using sports and Kinesio tape), stretches, and exercises. This is what we excel in. Our patients come to us because of this. We use our hands to make a change in your body system. We do not use machines as they have been proven to have very low efficacy, through numerous good quality research. This means that instead of putting you on machines during your physiotherapy session, we choose to make you better through manual techniques, as this will make a far bigger change. When you are at our clinics, we choose to do treatment that you cannot do yourself at home. Icing, using heat packs and/or any other machines that you can buy for home use will not be used or done at our clinics. More information on mobilization & manipulation; Joint mobilization: Use of specific passive procedures to restore accessory movement in any joint in the body, stretch joint capsules and ligaments to reduce pain and muscle guarding of stiff joints. Joint manipulation: Manipulation is simply one grade deeper than joint mobilization. Manual therapists use high-velocity, low amplitude thrust joint manipulation. Thrust manipulation are delivered using quick, short thrusts to the joints. This technique is safely performed after thorough examination of the patient by the physiotherapist.

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  • 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore


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