Our team members are among the best trained and most experienced in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation. All our physiotherapists are registered with the Allied Healthcare Professionals Council and Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain, neck pain and sports injuries. We utilize evidenced-based treatment strategies. We excel in physical rehabilitation, whether it is after an injury or following a surgical procedure, to enhance your healing process. 

Each patient will receive their own individualized program to ensure optimal recovery.



Senior Physiotherapist

Reginald graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia. He went on to work in a public hospital in Adelaide, South Australia, subsequently moving into private practice over the next 4 years. There, he continued to hone his skills, working with an Australian Rules football team and a university soccer team.

Upon his return to Singapore in 2009, he worked in a private practice for a year, before moving onto a private hospital, before becoming Chief Physiotherapist / Head of Department over the span of a 3-year period.

His involvement in sports continued, first as team physiotherapist for Oldham Rugby Football Club which he is currently still undertaking, before being invited to join the ranks of team physiotherapists within the Singapore Rugby Union.

He started out with the Singapore U19s in 2014 which went on to win promotion to division 1 in the Asian Rugby U19s Rugby tournament in the Philippines. He was then fast tracked to be the team physiotherapist for the National Men’s Rugby 7s team as they were preparing for the 2015 SEA Games. His subsequent involvement included the Asian Rugby 7s series (2015 and 2016), Olympic Rugby 7s Asian Qualifiers (2015), HSBC Singapore 7s (2016); ASEAN University Games (2016), South East Asian 7s (2016) and World Club 10s (2015) competition.

Reginald is also a keen sportsman, representing his university team in football. Having had personal experiences in a few traumatic injuries himself, he believes healing begins with empathy coupled with strong clinical knowledge in view of empowering his patients.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Australia) AHPRA, SPA


gino ng

Senior Physiotherapist, CKTI

Prior to joining Physio Solutions and starting up Sports Solutions, Gino Ng worked as a senior sports physiotherapist at the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) from 1999-2009. He graduated with a double masters in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia on a SSC sponsorship.

Gino's position is perhaps most unique amongst sports physiotherapists in Singapore having seen all sides of the field as a practitioner, an athlete and as a patient.

His special interests are in the treatment of articular cartilage injuries having done research in the area whilst undergoing his postgraduate training. He specializes in treating sports injuries, as well as devising sports rehabilitation programmes after reconstructive surgeries to the shoulder, knee and ankle joints.

As a former national triathlete, Gino is a 2-time Singapore National Triathlon champion (2000-2001), National Duathlon champion (2001), 10-time winner of the National Vertical Marathon (1998-2001, 2004-2005, 2007-2010). He has also placed 4th at the 2001 Asian Duathlon Championships in Hong Kong and made several podium finishes in the Asian Cup Triathlon Series events over the years while holding down a full time job as a physiotherapist.

Partly as a result of his grueling training regime, Gino needed 3 knee surgeries in 2002 and 2003. After which he made a comeback and placed 4th in the 2005 SEA Games triathlon event.

When not participating, Gino has kept close to sports, travelling widely with the Singapore medical teams for major overseas events such as the various SEA Games, 2002, 2006 Commonwealth Games, the 2006 Asian Games and he is the only local Singaporean physiotherapist to have been to both the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics. Gino is also one of only two certified Kinesio Taping Instuctors (CKTI) in Singapore and teaches the Kinesio Taping Level 1, 2 & 3 courses. He is also a frequent speaker at symposiums and sporting events.

While out cycling in April 2013, Gino had an accident and fractured his skull and spine. Thankfully, he is a lot better now and is back working part time. Having neck and back pain? Well, now you know who came back from a broken skull and back.


  • Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) (Australia)

  • Master of Science (Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy)
    (Adelaide, South Australia)




Rachel joined Sports Solutions to pursue her passion for sports rehabilitation and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.


Among her friends, Rachel is known for being someone who excels at sports. At a younger age, she represented her school in Badminton, Football, and Ultimate Frisbee. Rachel also enjoys CrossFit, which is a strength and conditioning program aimed at improving fitness for all. While competing in football, she became fascinated with the way physiotherapy was able to help her injured teammates return stronger than before and become better athletes. Her experience in an outpatient sports setting in the UK helped consolidate this interest and affirmed her aspiration to focus on this area of physiotherapy.

Rachel believes in stepping away from the simplified method of treating symptoms and looking at the whole person for a holistic, multi-faceted and more effective resolution to the problem. Her interests in movement dysfunction and postural impairments help her to locate the source of pain and design individualized programmes that prevent recurrent injury, resulting in better long-term results.

Rachel is qualified in Kinesio taping and combines this with manual techniques as treatment. She loves to help others and is determined to assist all patients in returning to their daily routines and sporting activities as soon as possible.


  • Diploma in Physiotherapy (Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore)

  • Bachelor's Degree (1st Class Honours) in Physiotherapy (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK)



Senior Physiotherapist

Aized has double Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from University of South Australia. She has been a physiotherapist since 1999. 

Prior to starting Physio Solutions, she gained extensive work experience at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore and 3 private practices. She has specialized in spinal and chronic pain since 2004.

She has also traveled with the National Netball Teams as team physiotherapist.

Besides working at Physio Solutions, Aized lectured at Singapore Sports Council (Sports Medicine and Sports Science Department) for their Sports Massage and Sports Trainer certifications.

She has also lectured at Nanyang Polytechnic for the Diploma in Sports Science and was a committee member of the Sports Medicine Association of Singapore.

She has special interest in the treatment of whiplash injuries having done research in the area during her postgraduate training and shoulder injuries. In addition, she has also done training under world renown neck pain researcher Gwen Jull for treatment of patients with neck pain.

Aized's innate love for sports gives her an advantage in understanding athletes' problems and their urgency to return to training. She has run marathons, done biathlons and golfed. Nowadays she does yoga to stay grounded and to keep fit.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Sydney)

  • Master of Science (Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy) (Adelaide, South Australia)



Junior Physiotherapist

Megan obtained her Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Physiotherapy from Singapore Institute of Technology - Trinity College of Dublin in 2021. 


Since young, Megan has been an avid sports person. Currently, she is a national Ultimate Frisbee player and has represented her club in numerous national and regional tournaments. Additionally, she has over 10 years of experience dancing ballet having completed the RAD Advanced Foundation examination in 2012. Like many others, Megan has sustained several injuries before. Her rehabilitation journeys inspired her to pursue a career in physiotherapy to help patients maximize their physical functions. She is confident that her sporting background allows her a deeper understanding of rehabilitating sports and musculoskeletal conditions.


Megan believes in a holistic approach of care through thorough assessments beyond her patients’ presenting condition. Seeing her patients as whole individuals rather than focusing on their symptoms enables her to formulate efficacious treatment plans. Megan strives to empower her patients with the knowledge and ability to prevent the recurrence of their injuries. 


Above all, adding quality years to the lives of her patients is what drives her to become a better physiotherapist.


  • Bachelor's Degree (Honours) in Physiotherapy
    (Singapore Institute of Technology - Trinity College of Dublin)



Junior Physiotherapist

Thiviyan graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Physiotherapy from Singapore Institute of Technology. 


Thiviyan is a passionate physiotherapist with a background in Floorball, Football and Hockey. After sustaining a few injuries and going through rehabilitation, he developed an interest in rehabilitation and prevention which led him to a career in physiotherapy. Having been an active sportsman his whole life representing various teams for different sports throughout his years, Thiviyan understands the personal needs and requirements of returning to training and competition following an injury. Thiviyan still continues to play floorball at a competitive level in the Singapore Floorball league. 


Thiviyan finds joy in seeing his clients transform their lives through his work and achieving their goals, while being beside them every step of the way. He believes in taking a multi-faceted approach and finding the cause of the problem instead of just treating the problem. He is extremely passionate about helping patients better understand their conditions and be better aware of their bodies through one-to-one education and discussion. His main areas of interest are musculoskeletal and sport injury management. 


In his free time, Thiviyan enjoys going to the gym, playing floorball as well as spending quality time with his family and friends.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (Honours)
    (Singapore Institute of Technology - Trinity College of Dublin)



Junior Physiotherapist

Byron graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Singapore Institute of Technology.


Prior to pursuing Physiotherapy, Byron started out as an aspiring dancer and studied in School of the Arts, Singapore. He specializes in both ballet and modern dance. Through dance, he developed a fascination and passion for the human body and the limits it can be pushed to. Similarly to sports, dance requires the body to go into unusual and awkward positions which puts excessive load on the human body, resulting in injuries. Throughout his years of dancing, he has experienced and seen many dancers getting injured, due to  the lack of knowledge and awareness of how their bodies function. This inspired him to become a physiotherapist to be able to share the knowledge of how the body works and to manage such injuries.


Byron believes that with his experience in dance, he is able to provide a different perspective in treating patients, as well as giving patients a better understanding of how their bodies work. He hopes he is able to make a change in his patients life and return them to what they love doing.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
    (Singapore Institute of Technology - Trinity College of Dublin)