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We do more than just treat your symptoms.

We get to the root of your problem and address the cause of it.

That's why we spend a full hour with you face to face to learn about you and perform the diagnostic tests. Your physiotherapist will then identify the cause of your problem and attend to it.


We use the most effective (evidence based) techniques to solve your problem. In Physio Solutions we use mainly Manual Therapy (see our services). Our physiotherapists spend the whole session with you, you will not be left on a machine for treatment nor will an assistant be treating you.

Physiotherapists in Singapore cannot order MRIs or prescribe medication. Therefore we work closely with a group of general practitioners, specialist doctors, podiatrists and sports scientists to ensure that you receive the best care there is.


Now the ball's in your court.

You have to participate in your recovery in order for the treatment effects to be long lasting. You will be taught a home exercise program to carry over the effects of treatment. We will equip you with stretches and exercises for the day(s) in between sessions.

We are here for you, call us whenever you're unsure about your exercises or what had been explained during your session at the clinic.
Tel: 6333 1211

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